Your tank cleaning questions are answered here

Last week we attended the American Coatings show in Indianapolis. It was a fantastic show for us, tank and totewith lots of future customers, asking a lot of relevant questions about tank cleaning for paints, coatings and adhesives. However, many of the questions are relevant to more than just the paint and coatings industry. Here is a summary of the answers to the best questions:

Yes – Gamajet and Toftejorg tank cleaners can be used with solvent, caustic, water, and in some cases, diesel.

Yes – They are called many things – but totes/bulk containers/shipping containers/IBC’s – can be cleaned in 2 – 7 minutes, without the need for manual cleaning.

Yes – Our industrial line of tank cleaning machines are constructed to run with particulates in the water/solvent.

Yes – Many of our customers recirculate the wash fluid used to clean their tanks. Water is a valuable resource and reuse saves company’s a lot of money.

Yes – We have multiple case studies proving how our tank cleaning devices have reduced the amount of time spent tank cleaning by up to 85%. The time saved goes right back to producing product. View our How it Works video for more information.

Yes – we can clean tanks with agitator blades, and both the tank and the blades will be cleaner than ever.

Yes – Our machines are constructed for durability, but we recommend the machines to be serviced after 800 hours to guarantee maximum productivity.

Yes – It’s true! Our Service program offers 24 – 48 hour turnaround time to get your machines back into production as fast as possible.

More questions? Like, what kind of pump do I need to use? Or, what pressure is needed? Or how do you convert your tanks to use our products? Well, for that you’ll need to email We can’t give everything away, right?