What’s the cleaning pattern of an Alfa Laval tank cleaning device?

We get this question a lot. Fortunately, we’ve developed a program, called TRAX, that simulates the 360 pattern of any of our tank cleaning devices in any tank. Below are some examples of the tool in action:

Above is a tank being cleaning an Alfa Laval TJ 20G. The tank residue is toothpaste. As you can see, the entire tank interior is directly hit with a high impact water jet, scouring the tank clean.

Here’s a simulation of 2 Alfa Laval TZ 74 devices thoroughly cleaning a fermenter tank with agitators/mixers:

Even with the tank obstructions, the tank gets a full coverage clean.

And finally, here’s an Alfa Laval SaniJet 20 cleaning a reactor quickly and effectively:

Want more? Visit our Video Library or email us directly at customerservice.exton@alfalaval.com and let’s put our tank cleaning devices and your tank to the TRAX test.