The Tank Cleaning Revolution Continues with the NEW Gamajet Aseptic 8

Designed for longevity, power, and durability, the Aseptic 8 tank cleaning machine is ideal for cleaning large tanks in the sanitary industries.

Gamajet’s newest addition to their sanitary line is lightweight and powerful and features self-draining, self-flushing and self-lubricating capabilities. Designed completely with FDA-compliant materials, the Aseptic 8 is the answer to efficient, effective and hygienic CIP. Designed with durability in mind, the Aseptic 8 will effectively clean tanks for extended periods of time before requiring maintenance. Characteristic of all Gamajet machines, the Aseptic 8 utilizes patented rotary impingement cleaning technology; ensuring tanks are cleaned quickly and effectively and drastically reducing the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used during CIP. It is also designed to eliminate the need for dangerous and costly manual cleaning. Created with no grease in the gear train, this versatile, fluid-driven machine operates at a wide range of pressures and flows and is resistant to clogging and wear and tear.