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Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning is hosting a free, live webinar on September 20 at 11 am EDT. The webinar is titled, ‘Optimized Tank Cleaning Elevates the Bottom Line’ and the expert panel will discuss how to clean tanks and confined spaces quickly and safely, using fewer resources.

automated tank cleaning with tank washers

Tank washers, also known as spray nozzles, are designed to effectively clean tanks faster than traditional methods.

Whether you are manufacturing, storing, or shipping product, it is likely there are tanks, reactors, mixers, blenders, dryers, totes/IBCs, or tankers involved in the process which require routine cleaning. This task is often seen as a necessary, yet costly, overwhelming and oftentimes unsuccessful chore.

Typically during the tank cleaning process, a significant amount of time, water, cleaning solution and labor is required to ensure an uncontaminated, quality batch is produced. Although these repeating expenditures have an adverse effect on the bottom line, many companies continue to rely on outdated processing for cleaning, not realizing the opportunity for substantial cost reductions and revenue recovery through tank cleaning optimization.

By focusing on the pain points our customers have reported, which include: production loss due to downtime, operating costs, waste, regulations, cross contamination concerns, and safety – we will explain how automated tank cleaning devices will reduce those pains and deliver an efficient and effective cleaning process. Manufacturing companies will yield results that have a positive impact on their bottom line.

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Viewers will learn:

  • How optimized, automated tank cleaning can increase uptime by significantly reducing time spent tank cleaning economy
  • A proven method of reducing water, solvent, and caustic use for tank cleaning
  • A more effective way to clean tanks and confined spaces
  • A safe alternative to manual tank cleaning via confined space entry

Who Should Attend:

  • Maintenance managers
  • Plant/facility/operations managers
  • Engineers of process manufacturing facilities
  • OEM manufacturers
  • Safety managers
  • Production managers
  • Contract engineers

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