Paint Tanks; a colorful but difficult task

Paint manufacturing appears to be a simple process combining resins, solvents and pigments with mixers, kettles and filling tanks. While the process is straight forward, each step requires stringent control to achieve desired requirements. Variation in the process can result in unacceptable quality and a lost batch.


The cleaning process can have a large impact on the productivity of the process line. When you are measuring in parts per millions, traditional fill and boil, manual cleaning or spray balls do not deliver the required results. In many cases rotary jet heads, such as the GJ 9 or TJ 20G, are needed to provide the reliable and effective cleaning. We have worked with many paint manufacturers to improve their cleaning process.

Rotary jet heads can be easily placed in the tanks and run for as little as 10-15 minutes while cleaning the entire tank. Proper positioning assures complete coverage and 180° pattern machines can be used for open top tanks.

Alfa Laval tank cleaners can handle the strong solvents often needed to handle lacquers or resins, projecting the wash fluid in a controlled and effective pattern that results in significant reduction in solvent used. Automating the cleaning process improves the performance, reduces down time and chemical costs which paints a pretty picture.

Benefits of automated paint vessel cleaning

  • Cleans tanks in as little as 15 minute.
  • Complete consistent cleaning
  • Reduce cleaning solvents by 80%
  • No hazardous manual cleaning

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