What’s the fastest way to get tanks back into the field?

In the fast pace environment of oil & gas drilling, great urgency is always place on moving gamajet 8 for pd leafletthe rigs to their next site and keeping the high value assets in production. As the rig heads down the road, acres of frac and storage tanks are left behind leaving a difficult cleaning task. Cleaning this large number of tanks manually can take weeks and involve dangerous confined space entry. A better way was needed.

Over the last few years, we have worked with some innovative cleaning companies to automate the cleaning process; the result was quicker turn around using less labor equipment and water. The simplest method was a small 2-3 person crew using a portable pump skid, rotary jetheads, settling box and a vacuum trailer to clean the tanks in a fifth of the time. The tanks were now ready for their next job without taking valuable resources.

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