Improve Throughput without Capital Investment

Aug 2013-Feb 2014 242Aug 2013-Feb 2014 235Arguably the greatest challenge for any successful company is how to increase production. Traditionally, there are only a few ways to do so. First, the company can add equipment: new lines, tanks, mixers, etc. But they can only do that for so long. Eventually, you will run out of space, and need to not only add equipment, but new real estate.

Second, a company can add shifts. If you go from two shifts to three shifts, you would in theory be able to increase production by 50%. But there are only 24 hours in a day! This will only get you so far.

Third, and at any time by far the cheapest option of the three, is to improve efficiencies. By leveraging mechanical force in the cleaning process, Gamajet’s impingement jets dramaticaly reduce cleaning times, putting dead production time back on the board. In some circumstances, we have been able to reduce times by up to 19 hours. It is not uncommon to be able to avoid a large capital project through the implementation of  cleaning jets. This has saved millions of dollars.
What is the bottle neck in your process that prevents you from increasing production? How much is your tank worth in production? How much is your current cleaning process truly costing you?

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