How to clean a V Blender

V Blender cleaning equipment

V Blenders are commonly used within the processing industries and require regular, effective cleaning.

The V Blender is a popular tumble blender commonly used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical,  chemical, food and related industries to mix dried powder, granules and other solids. We typically recommend one tank nozzle in each tank, usually an Alfa Laval GJA6 or GJ9 tank cleaning device. Both of the cleaning devices offer high impact 360° spray cleaning, designed to scour the entire tank, reducing operating time and water usage.

The GJA6 tank cleaning device offers cleaning impact of 10 lbs at 5 feet. (4.5 kg at 1.5 m) and cleaning cycle times around 10 minutes for a V Blender. Highly sanitary in design, the tank cleaner is self-cleaning and self-draining – and it fits through a 3” sanitary fitting (2.80” or 71 mm).

Alfa Laval Gamajet tank cleaning device

The GJA6 is ideal for V Blender cleaning in the sanitary industries.

The GJ9 tank cleaning device uses 12 lbs of cleaning force at 10 feet (5.5 kg at 3 m) and is capable of cleaning the most challenging residues in a V Blender. Compact, durable and easy to maintain, the GJ 9 typically cleans tanks in 4 – 12 minutes.

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