How to clean a reactor tank

Reactor cleaning equipment

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Alfa Laval Gamajet reactor cleaning equipment ensures a clean, uncontaminated batch.

Reactor tanks are vessels designed to contain chemical reactions, and they are often used in the chemical and related industries. A chemical reactor vessel may have a cooling or heating jacket or cooling or heating coils (tubes) wrapped around the outside of its vessel wall to cool down or heat up the contents. A reactor may also feature agitator blades on the shaft for mixing. Baffles at the bottom of the reactor also aid the mixing process. Reactor size ranges significantly depending on application and industry. Materials used in reactor tanks can be solids or liquids and vary in level of ease of cleanability.

The Alfa Laval GJPF reactor cleaning device offers powerful 360-degree cleaning impact, designed to scour the interior of a mid-sized to large reactor clean. Easy to maintain, and operating at lower pressures, this tank cleaning device is available in a flow-through design for hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, personal care and food industries. It is also available in a grease-lubricated version for added lifespan in industrial applications such as chemicals. The device offers 25 lbs (11.5 kg) of cleaning impact at 25 feet (7.5 m).

reaction tank cleaning device, reactor cleaning equipment,

Clean reactor tanks quickly and thoroughly, even the most challenging residues.

The Alfa Laval GJ8 reactor cleaning device is ideal for cleaning large reactors in industrial applications, such as chemical, and offers an exceptional 40 lbs (18 kg) of cleaning force at 25 feet (7.5 m). Surprisingly lightweight, the machine’s durable, non-clogging design and reliability make it a favorite within industrial applications.

The Alfa Laval GJA6 tank cleaning machine offers cleaning impact of 10 lbs at 5 feet. (4.5 kg at 1.5 m) and cleaning cycle times around 10 minutes for a small to mid-sized reactor. Highly sanitary in design, the tank cleaner is self-cleaning and self-draining – and it fits through a 3” sanitary fitting (2.80” or 71 mm).

The Alfa Laval GJ9 reactor cleaning device uses 12 lbs of cleaning force at 10 feet (5.5 kg at 3 m) and is capable of cleaning the most challenging residues in a small to mid-sized reactor. Compact, durable and easy to maintain, the GJ 9 typically cleans tanks in 4 – 12 minutes.

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