How to clean a mixer tank

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Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning offers a variety of application specific cleaning devices for mixing tanks.

Mixers are found in all industries, and in all phases of manufacturing. The function of a mixer is to mix ingredients, whether they be chemicals, paint, food, etc. Because the application is so varied, this is where the expertise of Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning comes into play. We provide a customized, engineered solution for every mixer cleaning application. We base our mixer cleaning device recommendation on the size and configuration of the mixer, the tank residue that must be cleaned, the level of hygienic equipment required, the mixer opening size, and more.

Some of the tank cleaning devices that are often recommend are:

Large mixers in a sanitary industry: Alfa Laval GJPF, Alfa Laval TJ20G

tank cleaning devices

Alfa Laval has a full line of application-specific tank cleaning equipment.

Small to mid-sized mixers in a sanitary industry: Alfa Laval GJA6 and the Alfa Laval GJA2 mixing tank devices

Large mixers in an industrial application: Alfa Laval GJ8 mixing tank cleaner

Small to mid-sized mixer in an industrial application: Alfa Laval GJ9 mixer cleaning device

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