How to clean a kettle tank

Kettle Tank Cleaning Equipment

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Cleaning kettle tanks can be done much quicker and better with the right cleaning machine.

Kettle tank cleaning can be very challenging since kettles are used to cook or heat products and oftentimes there is burnt on residue that is difficult to clean. Challenging cleaning applications require a lot of mechanical force, or cleaning impingement, to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Kettle tanks are typically small to mid-sized in order to control temperatures easier. They often have mixers or scrapers within them for mixing or blending product. For tanks with mixers or scrapers, we recommend the Alfa Laval TJ20G. Its tight cleaning pattern enables the water jets to get around the obstructions easier. The Alfa Laval TJ 20G rotary jet head provides 3D indexed impact cleaning over a defined time period. It is automatic and represents a guaranteed means of achieving quality assurance in tank cleaning. Used in breweries, food and dairy processes and many other industries, the device is suitable for processing, storage and transportation tanks and vessels between 4,000 to 40,000 US gallons. The award-winning design is particularly suitable for hygienic industries that follow European Hygienic Equipment Design Group guidelines.

tak nozzles, tank washers, tank cleaning devices

Alfa Laval TJ20G tank cleaning devices are ready to clean your most challenging tanks.


For the most challenging residues, like burnt on sauces, we recommend the Alfa Laval A20 tank cleaning device. The field-proven Alfa Laval A20 is part of the world-renowned range of Gamajet high impact tank cleaning devices. This tank cleaning device is designed to be flow-through, meaning no lubricant can pass through the gear train. It has been proven to provide companies with up to 85% in water, time, energy, and resource savings compared to static spray balls. This device is capable of cleaning tanks with capacities between 18.9 m³ – 94.6 m³ (5,000-25,000 gallons). The Alfa Laval A20 fits through openings as small as 10 cm (4”) and operates at low pressures and flows. By implementing this device into their tank cleaning process, companies spend less time cleaning and more time producing.

For easy to clean kettle tanks that just require a rinse, we recommend the Alfa Laval rotary spray heads.

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