How Gamajet Made a Messy Job Cleaner AND Reduced Water Usage by Over 1 Million Gallons

A specialty chemical company in Australia needed to reduce the time and water needed to clean their chemical process tanks. The current method of boiling out the reactor by filling the vessel with hot water and caustic or solvent was taking too long. The water usage was also a major concern because of drought conditions as well as the expense of disposal. What was needed was an efficient way to thoroughly clean the oily greasy residue from the reactors and internal coils.

The plant engineer contacted Gamajet to determine if the rotary impingement cleaners, commonly known as tank spinners, could be a better way to clean their tanks. The technical team at Gamajet determined a Gamajet EZ-8 set up for 240 psi, 75 gpm water would clean the tanks. The plant engineer worked with Gamajet’s local distributor to design and make a boom lance and purchase an appropriate pump. The trials were held and exceeded expectations, water usage reduced by 1.1 million gallons a year (4.16 Million L) and the chemical and energy required for heating and mixing was greatly reduced. The company was able to receive an energy and water conservation grant that covered half the cost of the equipment and the remaining cost was paid through savings in less than 2 months.

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