Efficiency gains through high impact tank cleaning

How can I optimize my cleaning? This is a question we get often, and for burnt on soil, viscous products, sludge, and dried media we always recommend a rotating jet machine. Customers that convert from other methods such as manual cleaning, rotary wetting, spray balls and fill and drain, can experience up to:

70-80% Decrease in wash fluid use for tank cleaning
75-85% Decrease in time spent tank cleaning
10-20% Increase in productivity (less tank downtime equals more tank production time!)
90-100% Decrease in confined space entry for manual tank cleaning

Here’s a video explaining the technology and why it works so effectively:

For easier to clean residue, going from manual or static spray ball cleaning to cleaning with a rotating spray ball can give the customers an optimization of approximately 30%, at a much lower initial cost. Here’s a video: