A Dirty Job Becomes Safer, Faster, and Cleaner

Gamajet’s tank cleaning machines utilize rotary impingement technology to revolutionize the cleaning of lift stations, wet wells, and manholes by drastically reducing cleaning time and eliminating confined space entry.  Municipalities are no longer forced to use hazardous, inefficient, and time consuming processes.

Municipalities cleaning lift stations, wet wells and manholes with a Gamajet have reported that the tank cleaning machines provide them with a 10 -12 minute cleaning job, cleaning the sludge, grease, waste, and non-biodegradable garbage without the need for man entry. They also report that the Gamajet breaks the grease up into slurry for easy pumping on our out in wet wells and lift stations. Within manholes, the Gamajet effectively prepares the area for relining and restoration.

The consequences of improper flow of sewage and run-off water is potentially irrevocable and sometimes fatal. Gamajet’s patented impingement cleaning helps municipalities mitigate these risks. Utilizing pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jets, Gamajets scour the entire tank interior in a repeatable and reliable global indexing pattern. In addition to performance, the Gamajets’ decades long machine life, ease of use, and strong support record allows it to easily surpass strict reliability requirements. The Gamajets are easy to maintain using common tools and following clear step by step instructions in the manuals.

Gamajet will be displaying their tank cleaning machines at the upcoming WEFTEC show, being held on October 1 – 3 in New Orleans. They will be at booth # 6156.

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