5 Benefits to Adopting Impact Cleaning for Petroleum Storage Tanks

Gamajet’s tank cleaning machines utilize rotary impingement technology to drastically improve the interiors of underground storage tanks, above ground storage tanks, totes and IBCs, DEF tanks systems, and refineries. UST and tote cleaning displays will be set up at booth #5820 at the NACS show in Las Vegas from October 8-10, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.

1. Eliminate Confined Space Entry: Gamajet machines eliminate the need for manual tank cleaning. Major petroleum companies are mandating their suppliers to provide zero-entry cleaning and Gamajet’s patented devices deliver the solution.  Corrosive and explosive materials along with other potential fatal health hazards are avoided at every cleaning.

2. Decrease Time Spent Cleaning: Dislodge sludge fast! Gamajet’s impact cleaning occurs in minutes as opposed to manual cleaning. Gamajets reduce time spent cleaning by 75%.

 3. Prevent Clogging and Contamination: Time is money—convenient stores sell time. If USTs are clogged with built-up sludge or contaminated with solvents and microbial growth, fuel-dispensing times increase and profits dwindle. Situations such as this one can be avoided with the installation of a Gamajet. Protecting your product quality, our machines scour the tank interior AND clean the fuel, preventing clogging and buildup.

4. Minimize Waste: Water or the fuel itself acts as the cleaning agent and powers the machine. The Gamajet may also be used to polish the fuel, aiding in a decrease of costs spent of chemicals and cleaning solutions.

5. Save Money: Incorporating Gamajet tank cleaners reduce overall water, chemical and labor costs. As mentioned above, Gamajet cleaning requires less water and chemical usage, and completely eliminates man-entry, reducing labor payouts and risking hazardous environments. Our studies show Gamajets pay for themselves in 2-3 cleaning jobs.

Visit booth #5820 at the NACS Show in Las Vegas next week for more information on how Gamajet machines will positively impact the bottom line for convenience store owners, petroleum suppliers and distributors, and refineries.

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